The concept of littleMORE was conceived out of personal experience.

In April 2009, our core founder, Mrs. Leena Pawar was diagnosed with "Acute Myeloid Leukemia". During her several visits at the Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai India, the plight of patients and their families was heartbreaking. A lot of these patients were from lower socio-economic segments of the society, were struggling to meet their medicinal, boarding and other daily expenses. During her stay, she also noticed young children in the pediatric oncology missing crucial school lessons. Fortunately, Mrs. Pawar was no ordinary patient. She chose not to wallow in self pity over a bad hand dealt by life. In spite of her personal grievances that accompany cancer treatment, she felt absolute compassion for those around her. She decided to help and support the needy by launching the NGO - "littleMORE".

Being the type of model citizen who emphasized more on doing than preaching, she had been actively spearheading various civil campaigns all her life. Few of them have been acknowledged, but irrespectively, her fight to make the world a better place went on.

Unfortunately, she lost her battle to cancer in January 2010 and will be gravely missed by all the souls touched by her kindness and compassion. She has transcended from the physical world, but her spirit lives on and a group of determined young follow her vision.