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"littleMORE" has been instrumental in undertaking the following Civic Initiatives to restore City's health & vitality.

-  Cancer Awareness programs in colleges. This has created awareness among the students clearing a lot of myths about    "cancer" as a disease.
-  Moral support to the patients relatives at TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL PAREL MUMBAI INDIA. The volunteers try to reach    out to those innumerable patients who're witnessing problems in various day to day needs.
-  Goodie Bags Distribution with utility items to the In/Out Patients of TMH Parel Mumbai. Every year more than 1000 patients    have been benefited by this activity.
-  Appeal to 104 College Representatives held by the University of Mumbai, Dept of Lifelong Learning & Extension Program    Churchgate.
-  Platelet Donation Appeal, an awareness camp to enlighten the audience.
-  Platelet Donation Drive, this was in response to the growing need of platelets required at TATA with increase in water borne    diseases during monsoon.
-  Distribution of Foodgrains consisting on 4 kgs of Rice,4 kgs Wheat Flour, 2 kgs of Sugar, 2kgs Tur Dal, 2kgs Fortune Oil, One    Salt Packet. Food grains are distributed on the 15th day of every month.
-  Health and Nutrition, an interactive session highlighting the need of a proper healthy diet to have a great stable mind, body and    soul. This session enlightened a group of 150 Jhunjhunwala college students
-  Birthday Celebration, organized by the Pediatric oncology department of TATA hospital, "littleMORE" supports the initiative by    providing goodie bags and cakes to all those present for the event. Every year this activity brings a smile to almost 1250 young    pediatric patients undergoing treatment for cancer.
-  Play Area, "littleMORE" along with a known Corporate has facilitated the makeover of the pediatric OPD area at TATA hospital    and has been instrumental in setting up of the play area.
-  HOPE, is the annual function organized by the Pediatric oncology department of TATA hospital. "littleMORE" supports and    sponsors some goodies for all the participating patients.
Support Group: At TATA hospital, "littleMORE" along with the "BONE & SOFT TISSUE" department doctors and hospital staff have successfully formed a patient support group.
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